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East Midlands

8th - 21st August

The East Midlands region is made up of the counties Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Rutland, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire. It is a region steeped in art, history, and culture. It is also home to the beautiful and dramatic landscapes of the Peak District National Park which offers an abundance of options for horse riders, ramblers and mountain bikers. You'll find mining villages, spa towns and Elizabethan manors set amongst canals, secret caves, natural springs and woodlands. For sweet treat lovers, the local delicacy of the famous Bakewell tart is on sale everywhere you turn to keep your energy levels up for exploring the great outdoors.

In addition to the numerous outdoor experiences the area has to offer, it also plays host to some large cities with the history and culture of Nottingham (home of Robin Hood) and the cosmopolitan buzz of Leicester which has so much to offer from museums and art galleries to fantastic shopping and dining options.

The East Midlands is also home to England's smallest county, Rutland, which is a perfect location for lovers of an outdoor lifestyle with its multitude of leisure pursuits such as watersports, fishing, cycling and bird watching, mixed in with an array of picture postcard cottages and quaint country pubs.

There are riding opportunities aplenty in the East Midlands with the Peak District's Great Ridge, along with 65 miles of shared off-road trails and a large part of the Pennine Bridleway and Trans Pennine Trail.

Karen Knight - Harringworth Viaduct Rutl

Useful local information

Visit England - East Midlands at www.visitengland.com

English Heritage - Visit East Midlands at  www.english-heritage.org.uk

Visit Derbyshire www,visitderbyshire.co.uk

Peak District National Park www.visitpeakdistrict.com and www.peakdistrict.gov.uk

Visit Leicester www,visitleicester.info

Visit Lincolnshire www,visitlincolnshire.com

Visit Nottinghamshire www.visit-nottinghamshire.co.uk

Visit Northamptonshire www,visitorthamptonshire.co.uk

Discover Rutland www.discover-rutland.co.uk

Chatsworth House www.chatsworth.org

The Great Ridge Hiking along the Peak District’s Great Ridge | VisitEngland

Horse Riding in the Peak District National Park at www.peakdistrict.gov.uk

More information and some fun facts

  • The Peak District became Britain's first National Park in 1951

  • Rutland is the only county in the UK not to have a Mcdonalds, Burger King or KFC.​

  • Famous brands Weetabix, Carlsberg and Doc Martens are all made in the Northamptonshire County.

  • According to English folktales, Robin Hood was an adept archer and swordsman who robbed from the rich and gave generously to the poor. He worked in concomitance with 'Merry Men,' a group of brigands who supported Robin Hood. The large English Oak called the Major Oak was the hideout place of these brigands. Today, the people of Nottingham see the Major Oak as a symbol of the good done by Robin Hood.

  • The Hollywood hit film 'The Dark Knight Rises' features Wollaton Hall in Nottingham as the Wayne Manor. Though Wollaton Hall had always enjoyed great popularity as a city attraction, it registered a significant boost in the number of annual visitors after it was featured in the film. Similarly, the Gotham village in Nottinghamshire also witnesses a regular influx of Batman fans throughout the year.

  • Outside of India, Leicester holds the world's biggest celebration of the Hindu Festival of Lights, Diwali.

  • Derby is home to the first factory in the world. Derby’s Silk Mill is thought to have been the first factory in the world – and it was the first silk mill in England. Lombe’s Mill, as it was known, was built next to the River Derwent after John Lombe visited Piedmont in 1717 and returned to England with details of the Italian silk-throwing machines and Italian craftsmen.

  • Thomas Cook, from Melbourne, created the forerunner of modern package holidays when he devised the first paid excursion in 1841. He charged for an 11-mile train journey from Leicester to Loughborough with the co-operation of the Midland Railway. It was such a success that Cook began to pioneer his concept through rail excursions and, today, the Thomas Cook brand still honours his name

  • The first Boots store was located in Goose Gate, Nottingham. John Boot, an agricultural worker, had opened this herbalist's store to cater to the poor people in the city.

  • Leicester Market is the biggest outdoor, covered market in the whole of Europe

Local events and rides during the Relay

Please keep checking this page for more information of our own organised rides and routes in the area - coming very soon!


Sunday 15th August 2021 - Endurance GB Collingham CHAPS Pleasure Ride, Orchard Stables, Cottage Lane, Collingham

For more information and booking click here Event: Collingham CHAPS Pleasure Ride (myclubhouse.co.uk)

Sunday 22nd August 2021 - Nottingham Endurance GB Ranskill Summer pleasure Ride, Mill Grove Farm, Ranskill DN22 8NH

For more information and booking click here (6) Ranskill Summer Pleasure Ride | Facebook

Local riding routes

See below for some riding routes in the local area. Click on the images to open up a PDF with more information about the route.

Pennine Bridleway - National Trails

Trans Pennine Trail - Official Website

Riding in the Peak District

Horse riders are welcome on the dedicated 65 miles (104km) of off road shared use trails in the Peak District. They are ideal for those who wish to relax and soak up the scenery at any time of year, whilst the bridleway network opens up opportunities for the more adventurous.

The Kinder Loop developed by Peak Horsepower, encircles Kinder Scout and is a 55 mile challenging riding route through the Dark Peak landscape using existing bridleways, the Pennine Bridleway and the Trans-Pennine Trail.

The Monsal Trail provides a firm, level surface from the car park at Bakewell Station south to Coombes Road viaduct and north to Blackwell M ill near Buxton (approximately 8.5 miles)

Check out the Black Harry trails - a series of routes suitable for horse riding in the Longstone Edge area of the Peak District National Park.

Carsington Water ride

Upper Derwent Valley riding