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Get Involved

The Great Horses for Health Relay 2021 is a large scale event which is aiming to have thousands of participants taking part to do their bit for mental health awareness, road safety awareness and equine welfare. Not to mention raising lots of much needed money for a select number of worthy charities.

Even if you are not a horse rider yourself, there are numerous ways you can get involved in the Relay and be part of something big! Read more about what you can do to help below..

Participate in the Relay

Our online entry system is now open to take part in The Great Horses for Health Relay.

There are four categories for participants and entry costs will depend which category you fall into. Much of the entry money will go towards covering admin costs such as postage and overheads but any remaining money will go directly to our supported charities. Costs to enter are as follows:

  • Riders and carriage drivers £15 per entrant

  • Under 18 years old riders and carriage drivers £10 per entrant

  • In-hand walkers / long-reiners and cyclists £10 per entrant

  • Pedestrians £8 per entrant

All participants will receive a membership pack which includes a branded hi-viz tabard and a rosette for taking part. The riders, carriage drivers and in-hand walkers/long-reiners will also receive some fantastic vouchers from our sponsors and an SOS contact tag.

Please register to take part and when you have completed your leg of the relay, upload your ride and photo to the entries microsite so the map can show what areas have been covered.

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If you can't take part in the ride yourself, why not show your support by donating to our SponsorMe page? The money raised goes directly to our seven supported charities and the page explains how the money will be split between each cause.

Each participant is asked to raise their own sponsorship for taking part in the ride but there is no minimum amount dictated to them. Obviously the more we raise, the more we can help all our incredible charities at a time when they all really need it. Every pound adds up so please consider donating, no matter how much you are able to give.

If you would like more information on the charities we are supporting, please visit our charities page by clicking on the button below, or make your donation by clicking 'donate'.

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Corporate sponsorship

Are you a business owner? Would you like to promote your products or services to a captive audience of equestrian enthusiasts?

We have a small number of opportunities available for relevant businesses to take out one of our sponsorship packages. It could be donating some money towards the Relay to help pay for rosettes or tabards, or you might want to provide a voucher or discount code for your products to thank those taking part.

If you are interested in sponsorship we would love to hear from you. Please see the Contact page for details of how to get in touch.

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