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Horses4Health Grants Scheme
Equine Welfare and Equine Assisted Services

In addition to our main supported charity, HorseWorld Trust, this year Horses4Health will once again open up opportunities for smaller registered Equine Welfare charities to apply for grants to receive some of the funds raised throughout the 2023 event. This year we are also proud to be extending the grant scheme to include organisations delivering Equine Assisted Services, bringing horses and vulnerable people together with wonderfully positive consequences. 

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2023 grant applications are now open!

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Horses4Health Equine Welfare Grants Scheme

Quote from our Founder, Sophie Gifford about the Horses4Health Equine Welfare Grants Scheme:


"Well, here we are again, embarking on another summer of horsey happiness, making new friends, re-connecting with those we made during previous Horses4Health activities and, most importantly, helping horses, ponies & donkeys across the UK. 


One of the biggest challenges in 2021 was selecting the six charities Horses4Health would support – I was contacted by countless small equine charities around the country asking to be considered and so selecting just six was tough and, to be honest, emotional. That’s why in 2022 we were very proud to be able to extend the support of Horses4Health to so many smaller equine welfare charities by way of a funding application process which was open to any registered UK equine charity to apply for up to £1000 of funding from Horses4Health, to support their equine welfare activities. We helped 17 charities to make a difference to equines in need.


Through this amazing initiative, which was administered by HorseWorld Trust, our lead charity, Horses4Health wias a pioneer in the charitable sector, epitomising the true spirit of #PeopleHelpingHorsesHelpingPeople, and we are so happy to be able to offer the grant scheme again in 2023 – together we can make a difference!"

If you are UK registered charity and are interested in applying, please download the documents below for more information on the scheme and how to apply.

Horses4Health Equine Assisted Services Grants Scheme

This year, in addition to supporting HorseWorld, the HorseWorld Discovery programme and the Horses4Health Equine Welfare Grants Scheme, we are also allocating 25% of funds raised to our new Equine Assisted Services Grant Scheme.


Quote from CEO of HorseWorld Trust, Petra Ingram, about the Horses4Health Equine Assisted Services Grant Scheme:


"Everyone in the Horses4Health team understand how much spending time with equines can benefit your mental health and wellbeing. Over the past few years we have followed the growth of the Equine Assisted Services sector and the introduction last year of the Human Equine Interaction Register (HEIR), designed to ensure minimum standards are met to protect both the equines involved and the people who benefit.


There are many different modalities of practice, from education based learning to psychotherapy, but they all support vulnerable people through partnerships with equines. In the past two years we are delighted to have supported the Riding for the Disabled Association and last year this was specifically for their “Tea with a Pony” project helping people with dementia and similar challenges. Grants were given to a total of 26 RDA local groups. In 2023 we are expanding this and will be considering the award of grants to any organisation accepted onto the HEIR Register, subject to a suitable proposal which will be reviewed by our Grants Committee.


We have always been and will continue to be, People helping Horses, helping People. We are very excited to be expanding our ability to have a positive impact through the Horses4Health fundraising activities”

If you are included on HEIR Register and are interested in applying, please download the documents below for more information on the scheme and how to apply.

Please don't hesitate to get in contact if you have any queries with regards to the Horses4Health Equine Grants scheme.

Lizy Kacou – H4H Grant Manager
01275 893033

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