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A little insight into the life of Petra Ingram, HorseWorld CEO

As all my friends will know, I am passionate about anything horse related,. Whether watching my miniature Shetlands having a lazy day in the field, competing on my Haflinger horses, or working with horses in the charity sector (previously as CEO at Brooke Action for Working Horses and Donkeys, and now HorseWorld Trust), my life is pretty much full of horses!

So, when I read Sophie’s Facebook post about setting up The Great Horses for Health Relay to celebrate our love of horses, I just knew I would have to get involved. Back in early January, we had no idea how popular the event would become, so from my initial conversation asking “How can I help?” we are now in contact most days, as the event starts to take shape.

The past year has been a rollercoaster for me; Changing jobs, moving to a new house, my husband’s retirement and not to mention the impact of Covid – our world has been turned upside down. However, my horses have provided the one consistency and when I haven’t had the energy to ride, just grooming them or watching them in the fields, has been a life saver.

At HorseWorld, I am really lucky to be able to watch our rescued horses in the fields from my office window or listen to the donkeys braying at feed time or join our Discovery team to see how horses are helping improve the lives of young people. There are so many ways that horses enhance our mental health, and this exciting Horses 4 Health event will be a great opportunity to celebrate our four-legged friends and raise awareness of how important they are for our well-being, especially over the past 12 months.

Not only are we celebrating our horses, but we will also be raising vital funds for a range of horse charities, across the UK. From rescue and welfare to road safety and helping vulnerable people, we are very excited to be supporting these charities. When the registration process opens next week, I hope you’ll be joining us to ride across the UK, to celebrate the amazing positive impact of our horses and be part of the fantastic things all our charities are achieving.

To find out more about Petra, see the 'Meet the team' page of the website.


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