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A message from our Founder, Sophie Gifford

So much has happened since 30th December 2020 when the idea of Horses for Health first entered my mind. What a journey we’ve all been on with the pandemic and world events and who knew in March 2020 that, two years later, we would finally appear to be emerging from the restrictions and anxiety of COVID. When I look back to Horses for Health 2021 I realise just what an impact we horsey folk have made. We raised almost £17,000 for the equine charities we supported, raised awareness of road safety, equine welfare and the magical power of horses.

My boy Jack has lifted my heart, soul & mind on so many occasions – but never more so than when I found the slog of working from home on a laptop for 8-10 hours a day over-whelming. Heading off to the yard to ride or simply to poo-pick gave me a structure to my day and changed my emotional mindset. Researching and planning activities for Horses for Health, meeting new people to agree park & rides and taking part in some of the events myself helped me to achieve some of my own horse goals, such as hunter trials, which had always scared me to death but I found that both Jack & I loved them!

So, now we are in 2022 and about to launch our summer of activities….goodness, how quickly did the last 12 months go by?! I’m so proud and incredibly grateful for the people who have worked so hard behind the scenes to bring 2022 to fruition. They all have a day job, home commitments, horses and the same challenges in navigating the daily trials and tribulations the world has thrown us this year. For me, knowing that 2022 will enable us to help potentially many UK equine charities is a real standout moment.

I’ve been really energised by the number of contacts I’ve had directly from people asking if Horses for Health would be on again in 2022 and when they can register. There’s no better feeling than knowing that people enjoyed themselves and wanted to do something to help our equine community. I am so looking forward to the events we have planned and especially my own six day ride along 70miles of the Jack Mytton Way from Llanfair Waterdine to Chelmarsh at the end of June – I really hope to see H4H hi vis hat bands and rosettes on my way round and would love to have some company!

Here’s to a great summer of fun and seeing how we can raise money to benefit the charities across the UK who work so hard to rescue and nurse horses, ponies & donkeys back to health so that they can continue to bring beaming smiles to our faces.

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