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Fishwick Ride 11th April

By Lynda Addis for 'Blog challenge'

Well what can I say, how lucky were we that A. the new COVID rules allowed us to meet in our own council areas, and B. the weather was kind to us although much of the rest of the country and county was covered in snow.

Sadly because of this my ride buddy Anne Kemp couldn’t get there with her lorry. Dante and I put our brave pants on and decided as there were no gates to go it alone. As we notch up 87 years between us and it was the first ride of the season we decided to ride the 17km route not the 29 km route, the ground at home was and still is extremely hard, in fact like concrete, however the going at Fishwick with its miles of endriggs was surprisingly good, firm in places but offered us plenty of cantering opportunities.

Happy to say my brave pants were made redundant as Mary Vernon and Vicky were kind enough to ride with me. The 3 of us had a ball, with all of the horses behaving well apart from 1 major spook, Mary and I did well to stay on board! Vicky’s horse was unperturbed bless him.

Although the entry was small, just 12 of us, the ride was exceptionally well marked and the route as ever at Fishwick delightful, with very little road work and endless beautiful borders countryside. The venue at the air strip was good with a hard standing car park, rather stony for Dante’s tender old feet but a decent trot up area.

Huge thanks to Ashley, Colin and all the helpers for organising everything so well and getting us going again, it was very exciting to be out at last, a truly enjoyable day.

Lynda Addis


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