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Meet our lead charity partner - HorseWorld Trust

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Bristol based HorseWorld Trust was the first charity to get onboard with the Great Horses for Health Relay 2021 and have worked in partnership with us to advise and help get everything up and running.

Soil dirt on hands

HorseWorld Trust was set up in 1952 to rescue old working horses in the region around Bristol, including railway and canal horses, and pit ponies from South Wales. They currently have 97 horses on site and about 200 are re-homed with caring families. Chief Executive of HorseWorld Trust, Petra Ingram says "Since joining the charity I have been quite shocked at the level of neglect and abuse that still goes on in this country. We rescue, rehabilitate and retrain horses, to give them a second chance in life".

HorseWorld Trust not only rescues horses, once recovered and re-trained, many of the horses go on to be used in their Discovery Programme which helps children and young people who, for various reasons have difficulties accessing mainstream education.

Through sessions with specially selected rescued horses, the young people develop the skills needed to build resilience, improve communication skills, find their confidence and self-belief, and as a result better cope with the challenges of life.

Discovery has brought about outstanding results when nothing else has worked for the individual or the group. The horses have shown that they have the capacity to change lives and HorseWorld are seeing the evidence almost every day.

They are able to ignite a love of learning, nourish developing minds and give vulnerable children and young people hope for a brighter future.

A good news story - the famous Buddy!

When Buddy arrived at HorseWorld he had not had the best start in life. Buddy needed blood transfusions and staff worked around the clock to lift him up every 2 hours. It took a long time for Buddy to be a healthy youngster.

Once he was old enough Buddy was backed to be a ridden pony and spent time in a loan home. On his arrival back to HorseWorld it was decided he would be perfect for their Discovery courses. He is brilliant with the students and loves to make them laugh – especially when he sits like a dog!

See some images below of Buddy when he first arrived, then after one month at HorseWorld, Buddy helping with the Discovery course and Buddy looking handsome recently!


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