The Relay - How it works

The interest in the Great Horses for Health Relay has been so huge that we have people wanting to take part from pretty much every corner of the United Kingdom. Therefore we have split the country into 11 regions, with each region being given two weeks for participants to complete their rides and we aim to pass the 'baton' from one region to the next, lighting up the map of the United Kingdom as we go. See our Regions page for details of all regions and participation dates.

As people officially enter the Relay over the coming weeks, we will update our microsite and regional pages to show how many people have entered in each area, and then eventually completed their rides. See below for an overview of how the Relay will work and please keep checking back on the regional pages and our social media channels for more information on news and events.

A step-by-step guide to taking part

1. Register your interest

You can register your interest initially by joining our Facebook group - The Great Horses For Health UK Relay 2021. This will enable you to join our community and keep up to date with the latest news on the Relay.

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2. Enter online

Our entries microsite is now up and running! Click on the button below to enter, choose the region you want to participate in and make your entry online. The fees for entering are as follows:

  • Riders and carriage drivers £15 per entrant

  • Under 18 years old riders and carriage drivers £10 per entrant

  • In-hand walkers / long-reiners and cyclists £10 per entrant

  • Pedestrians £8 per entrant

All participants will receive a membership pack which includes a branded hi-viz tabard and a rosette for taking part. The riders, carriage drivers and in-hand walkers/long-reiners will also receive some fantastic vouchers from our sponsors and an SOS contact tag.

We now have a Facebook profile frame to let everyone know you're taking part so don't forget to add that to your profile picture!

3. Start fundraising

As soon as you have entered you can start getting sponsored straight away for your part of the Relay. All sponsorship goes into our SponsorMe page where the money gets split between all our supported charities. We will be providing tips, information, images and links to help you with your fundraising. The more  you share the SponsorMe link and tell your friends and family about what you are doing and the good causes you're raising money for, the more money we can raise for our amazing charities. Please direct all sponsors to our SponsorMe page by clicking here. We also have a sponsorship pledge form for those who don't want to pay their sponsorship online. It is up to the participant to collect that money and pay it into the SponsorMe account. See the Resources page to download and print the form.

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4. The fun bit - taking part in the Relay!

When  you enter the Relay, you will choose a region to ride in. Each region is given a two week window for their participants to take part. You can ride in your own group, choosing your own route or you can join in one of our organised rides or events. Each region has a co-ordinator who is organising events for that region and they may also be able to advise where you can ride and perhaps put you in contact with other riders taking part in your local area who you might want to join up with. 

You can ride/drive/walk/cycle as long or short a distance as you like, as long as you let us know when, where and how long you covered by logging in and adding your activity to the registrations microsite (you will need to use the login details you set up when you registered). You can even do your bit as part of an organised fun ride. We will be adding details of some fun rides to our regional pages, along with events and rides that we are organising and some riding routes in the area. Some of our organised rides will be in locations not normally open to the public for riding so a great opportunity to explore areas you may not get to ride in.

Our entries microsite provides details of how you can upload your ride and photos to link to our mapping system.

5. Share your achievement

If you have a friend or family member who can take photos before, during or after your ride, share your achievement to your social media channels and add the hashtag #greathorses4healthrelay. Don't forget to add them to the Great Horses for Health UK Relay 2021 Facebook group so we can update our blogs and you might also get featured on our Instagram page, as well as our website gallery. We will be providing all the social media information including hashtags and Facebook profile frames to show everyone you have taken part. Let's get the Relay lighting up the internet to tell the world what we've done and raise as much money as possible for our charities!