Find out what's happening during the Horses4Health event in 2022

There are lots of different ways to find out what's going on. Check out our map showing organised events, self-guided rides and equestrian accommodation or if you prefer to look at a list of what's on in your area or on a particular date then go straight to our booking site. If there isn't anything you want to enter, don't worry as you can still be part of it by doing one of our challenges or organising something with friends instead! Don't forget that in order to book onto any events or take part in any challenges you need to register and receive your registration number.

What type of events are there?

There is so much going on during the 70 days of the Horses for Health Event 2022 from non-ridden wellbeing events to long-distance 'ride and stays'. Whether you want to just do a short wander chatting to friends, explore a new area or try something you haven't done before, there really is something for everyone. To make it easier for you, we have categorised the events in 10 different types. As a registered Horses for Health participant you can do as many of these events as you like (subject to availability and booking), all included in your registration fee. Take a look at our definitive guide then once you have registered and received your registration number, head over to our dedicated booking site to book your place.

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Park & Ride
Park & Ride events are exactly as they sound - we provide the parking and you go off and enjoy the riding! We have worked with some lovely venues who have some great riding in their local areas. They will be providing safe parking for your lorry or horse trailer at no additional charge so you can ride as far as you wish.

Guided Ride
For those who just want to enjoy their ride without having to think where they are going as someone will guide you round the route. You might want to explore a new area or just want a group of like-minded people to ride with. We try to match groups of similar abilities and often there will be different length rides from the same venue.

Self-Guided Ride
We will simply provide you with a route and parking options and you do the rest. Great for those who want to explore somewhere new and are confident enough to read a map. We always advise people not to ride out on their own though so feel free to post in our Facebook Group to ask if other people would like to join you.

Picnic Ride
These are probably our favourite rides - the ones where you also get to eat! These will usually be guided rides with a picnic, cafe or pub stop either part of the way round or after you have finished. Some will ask you to bring your own picnic and others will provide food and drink for you so you can sit back and enjoy!

Walk & Talk Ride
These rides are part of our new wellbeing focus. Perhaps you have an older horse, don’t enjoy the faster rides or simply just want to enjoy your horse, appreciate the countryside and take some time out to chat with like-minded people? Our Walk & Talk Rides are just that – staying in walk and having a good old chin-wag!

Wellness Activities
Another new focus for the 2022 event are our non-ridden wellness activities. These include some stretch & relax classes in the great outdoors where you will get time to appreciate nature as well as looking after your body and mind. We will also have some rider strength and fitness classes and some wellness walks.

Activity Events

Why not have a go at something new? Our activity events include things like Versatile TREC competitions for all abilities and other events organised by partner organisations and supported charities such as family fun days and fun obstacle courses.

Longer Distance Rides
These rides are generally organised by our regional co-ordinators and might include a relay where lots of different riders cover longer distances by splitting it down into smaller chunks or those up for the challenge might opt for longer rides or split mileage across two or more days.

Ride & Stays

These are rides with an overnight horse-friendly stay, perhaps in an area with too much to explore in one day. Perfect for those who want to ‘make a weekend of it’ and have an adventure. Accommodation will be at an additional cost but we have organised some great deals for Horses for Health members.

Triathlon of Activities
Another new challenge for 2022 is the Triathlon event whereby people co-ordinate in a small group to include three different disciplines. These are open to non horse-riders such as cyclists, runners and carriage drivers to complete a certain distance.