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With thanks to...

The Great Horses For Health Relay 2021 would not be able to go ahead without the incredible amount of support we have received from various suppliers, sponsors, volunteers, participants and the charities themselves. There are almost too many people for us to thank individually (hopefully we have done that along the way though!) but here is an overview of some of the people and organisations who have really gone over and above to make this happen

Our Suppliers

We've had some fantastic people and organisations believe in us and get behind us from the early stages of the Relay organisation. We wanted to give as much money as possible to our charities so to have people offer their time and products to us either free or hugely discounted will make all the difference to the amount we can give to our charities.


From building mapping technology to providing discounted products for the registration packs, PR and publicity, we really couldn't do this without these people and organisations. Please take a look at our Suppliers page to find out more about each of them and show your support to say thanks.

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Our Sponsors

In addition to our suppliers, we have received some incredibly generous support from a number of companies who have sponsored the Relay.

Some have provided vouchers for their products and some have provided financial help to go towards items such as rosettes. We have also negotiated some amazing discounts on various products for all our registered Relay participants.

Please have a look at our Sponsors page to find out more about these fantastic companies.

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Other Support

The Great Horses for Health Relay wouldn't be able to run without all the support we have received from so many people. It isn't just the main organisers who have worked tirelessly to make this happen but all our regional co-ordinators, our supported charities and individuals who have helped promote the event, people who have helped with publicity, the Facebook group members who have provided their own stunning photos for this website, the brave and inspiring individuals who provided us with 'real life' stories, the proof-readers, those who helped with ideas, and not to mention all those people taking part in the relay and donating money... the list really is endless and without all these people giving up their time and expertise we wouldn't be raising money and awareness for our charities and causes. Thank you to each and every one of you!

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With special thanks to...

D.S. Lesley Fisher of West Mercia Police is secretary of Police Sport UK and organiser of Blue Lights of Great Britain competitions and non-competitive equestrian events. Lesley and PSUK are delighted to be supporting The Great Horses for Health Relay 2021 through various means including promotion within PSUK and Blue Lights GB.

Police Sport UK is the official sporting organisation representing police officers, police staff and retired officers and staff across all UK police forces. Through the equestrian section we organise PSUK events across the UK at local, regional and national levels. Through Blue Lights GB and our national and regional Blue Lights Horse Shows we support all our U.K. Emergency Services and other Services riders. We support participation in all aspects  of equestrianism – through sporting events  or non-competitive recreational riding activities. We recognise how much the world of equestrianism and time spent with horses can strengthen and support the mental health and wellbeing of everyone – not least our police officers and staff and all our U.K Emergency Services in the wider Blue Lights family.


Through our Blue Lights Horse shows our ethos is “Linking Equestrianism to Charitable Giving in support of our Communities”. We donate monies to charities each year – our principal charity since 2015 being the PC Nicola Hughes Memorial Fund. We also seek to support other registered charities who support vulnerable members of the community and additionally equestrian welfare charities. We look forward to doing all we can to assist in your fundraising for your supported charities in 2021.

To find out more about PSUK or Blue Lights of Great Britain, visit the websites by clicking on the buttons below.

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