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Grants scheme - where does the money go?

One of the things the team at Horses4Health is really proud of is the fact that funds raised already begin to make a difference even before the event has finished. In 2022 we helped 17 equine welfare charities by providing grants for projects and it was fantastic seeing this money making such a difference to smaller charities and equines in need. See below how the money we raised has helped.

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More information on 2022 grants available soon

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Thanks to the dedication, support, energy and enthusiasm of our participants and donors, in 2022 we supported 17 small charities through the Horses4Health Equine Welfare Grants Scheme. This meant that the efforts of our participants made a very real difference to the lives of horses in need, and the positive impact they have on the lives of people who need them.


We're delighted to provide details and updates of the beneficiaries from some of the these grants. The following charities received grants for projects:

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Some messages from our supported charities

Mane Chance
We would like to thank everyone at Horses4Health for donating to us, enabling us to fulfil our ambition of providing this space for our horses. Without your support, this simply would not have been possible – in the current economic climate, fundraising is hard as supporters are understandably under pressure from every angle and having to make difficult decisions. For us to have been able to secure funds for this project has allowed us to look a little more to the future of the charity, rather than solely concentrate on the here and now.

Hill Pony Resources

Due to the very poor weather at the beginning of the winter period we had an area that had become waterlogged and difficult to walk through. Our ponies were very limited in the areas they could be turned out during the day so we were very grateful to receive a grant from the Horses4Health Equine Welfare Grant Scheme which enabled us to provide a pathway and standing area for the ponies even during poor weather. This has improved the welfare for the ponies who otherwise would have to be stabled or only have limited turnout in the yard. Thank you so much !

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The Moorland Mousie Trust

We were fortunate to benefit from 2 grants from Horses4Health Equine Welfare Grants Scheme. The first supported our work to rehabilitate Honey, an Exmoor pony, after developing equine metabolic syndrome. After several months of work involving diet, rehabilitative farrier work, recuperation and acclimatisation she is now well on the way back to full health and will shortly be joining our equine therapy team of ponies at the Exmoor Pony Centre.


Our second grant helped us support Primrose and her foal Saxy. Saxy was born extremely late out of the season and there was concern about the ability of the mare and foal to live out on the moor throughout the winter months without losing condition, so we were asked if they could assist. With the support of the grant, we were able to look after the pair in the sheltered conditions of the Exmoor Pony Centre and provide all necessary veterinary and well-being support required. Primrose and Saxy will now be released back out into their natural habitat on Exmoor.

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Discovery at HorseWorld

Horses4Health has helped fund our HorseWorld Discovery Programme which boosts the confidence, emotional well-being and life-chances of disadvantaged and vulnerable young people and adults through an innovative learning programme that brings them together with gentle rescued horses.


“I feel safe here [at Discovery] and I like seeing Karen [Facilitator]. When I am here it gets stuff off my mind. I like being with Karen and the horses and I feel happy when I am here” Ben, HorseWorld Discovery Student.

Hugs Foundation

The Horses4Health Equine Welfare Grant has supported The Hugs Foundation to be able to rescue 8 orphan foals and 1 yearling. The funding has gone towards their specialist feed, first vaccinations, microchips, passports, worming and initial vet checks. They have also been strangles tested and now they are old enough, the colts have been castrated. The team are working with them to gain their trust and once they are confident with people, we will be able to find them their forever homes. They are going to make lovely companions or children’s ponies. If it wasn’t for this grant and our amazing supporters, the sad reality is that these orphans would have been culled. Thank you to all that have been involved in giving them a future.

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Lluest Horse and Pony Trust

"Our project, Improvement of all weather turnout area for field shelter in Maple paddock  has now been completed. I have attached photo’s of our paddock and the positive difference it has made to the wettest area of the turnout. We would like to be able to get more mud control mats to cover the entire area in the future.


We would like to thank the Horses4Health Equine Welfare Grant team, for helping us with a small project to improve an all weather turnout area attached to a field shelter. The grant allowed us to purchase mud control mats to lay down in the area that gets particularly wet and muddy. Since the beginning of 2023 there have been periods of prolonged wet weather, making some of our usual paddocks very wet and muddy. Thanks to the Horses4Health Equine Welfare Grant our donkeys and other rescues have enjoyed longer periods of turnout in the turnout area with free access to shelter if they wanted it."

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