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A 2023 message from our founder, Sophie Gifford

Here we are already - Year 3 of Horses4Health! In our first two years more than £72,000 has been raised for equine charities across the UK - an incredible achievement that we're so very proud of. There have been some really worthy causes which H4H have been able to support resulting in rescued horses, ponies and donkeys having access to all-weather turnout, bespoke saddles for weightbearing RDA horses, improved access for wheelchair users when visiting venues and a self-sufficient worming programme, optimising the costs and overheads these wonderful charities face in their campaign to support horse health, welfare and well-being.

A personal high has been joining local groups to me on various group rides and hound exercises - even being brave enough to hop a fence or two whilst out & about - although hedges still scare me rigid! Mr Jack has thoroughly enjoyed himself this season and is set up well for a summer of chatting and hacking! It's been particularly heart-warming to maintain the friendships we've forged during 2021 and 2022 - we now regularly meet up with H4H riders in Surrey and Sussex and have even had a horsey weekend away with new friends. For me, this really epitomises the essence of what I envisaged back in 2020 - a community of like-minded horse-enthusiasts, enjoying the British countryside, forging new connections and having a lot of laughs along the way.

For 2023 Horses4Health have kept uppermost in our minds the current cost of living concerns and constraints we are all facing and so have made registration FREE for 2023. Your support in looking at the 'challenges' we've suggested to get out and about this summer with an aspiration of raising funds, of whatever value you are comfortable with, is very much appreciated. You'll see your endeavours and monies raised bring sunshine to more UK charities this year through the grant giving process which was so incredibly successful in 2022. Once again, we have an amazing group of supporting organisations who continue to rally to our cause - BETA (British Equestrian Trade Association), Equine Exceed, SEIB, to name but a few.

I really look forward to seeing pictures of your outings and challenges on the Facebook Group - they always bring a smile to my face as I marvel at how wonderful horsey humans are when we band together to do the best for our four-fetlocked friends.

Thank you and have fun!


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