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Are you ready to hack and chat?

The clocks have gone forward, the days are getting longer (and warmer?), and Spring is here. We hope the lighter days are making you feel brighter, more energised and that your four-hoofed friends have a spring in their step – ready to Hack and Chat!

We hope you like the challenge this year and with so many different charities all vying for your participation we are proud that Horses for Health is the only initiative supporting more than one Charity. In 2022 we supported a total of 17 equine charities through our innovative equine welfare grants scheme and 20 RDA centres were supported with their fantastic Tea with a Pony sessions. Our aim this year, with equine charities seeing an increase in welfare cases, is to double the number of charities we can help.

It's tough economically for everyone and with feed prices going up caring for our equine friends has placed pressure on already stretched finances. We want to support everyone through these tough times and help you press that pause button and not forget that in this crazy world of social media with all its day-to-day pressures there is an escape, a space where you can relax and just enjoy the outdoors and time with friends.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a horse of their own and it really doesn’t matter if you are an owner, a sharer or just an admirer, we are a community at Horses4Health who want to help horses in need and if you are able to join our challenge in any way this year we welcome you onboard.

We have made so many friends and connections over the last two years of Horses4Health and we hope that in this, our third year, we will all make many more. Spending time in our beautiful countryside is one of the best tonics for our wellbeing and mental health, and if you can share that experience with friends and four-legged’s whilst also helping to raise money for our equine charities it has to be a must to add to your summer ‘to do’ list.

Here’s to horses, health, hacking and chatting!

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